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Inflation and Financial Planning: Hidden Risks in Risk Management

As market volatility spikes, the media tend to talk about the stock market ad nauseum. Each day is the best or worst since the last time. Inflation, as we all know and have felt, has also had a major impact on our lives, and the coverage of this topic has focused primarily on the gas pump. During times of market dislocations, however, and especially during periods where the economy is moving in a manner we have not experienced for years or decades, we need to look past the headlines to understand what clients ought to be doing now.

A lot of advisors focus energy on reassuring clients during market pullbacks, and trying to explain why now is not a good time to sell. We agree that panic selling can be devastating to a financial plan, but there are other opportunities and risks that must be evaluated during these times. One of the items that especially needs to be looked at in an inflationary environment is property and casualty insurance. Does your insurance provide adequate coverage when the price of goods are increasing dramatically?

Here is an infographic from The Christensen Group reflecting how much the price of raw materials used in your home have increased in recent months. Does your homeowner's policy cover the repair or replacement of your home even if it has increased in price by 20%?

*source: The Christensen Group

Many insurance policies have inflation protection clauses, but those built in aspects of your contract may not be enough given the unprecedented inflation we are witnessing today. Even if your policy is adequate, is your carrier in a strong enough financial position to pay out the higher claims that are inevitably being made?

Financial planning is not simply investing, it also means focusing on those things that make us vulnerable to economic risks which we may not normally be thinking about. If you are not sure whether your P&C insurance is adequate, please reach out and we are happy to connect you with partners who can provide a thorough review of your existing coverage. Once we have the information and the options, we can then have a conversation about what changes are prudent.

-Open Door Financial

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