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Introducing Open Door

Originally Sent on July 1, 2021:

As you may already know I am in the process of launching my own firm, Open Door Financial. This platform will allow me to continue to serve my clients in the best way possible. Open Door is not only about opening doors for clients, but also evokes a core philosophy of helping others, making connections, and being open to new ideas.

Looking forward, there are exciting opportunities. I am thrilled about the chance to continue to work with some existing clients, and enjoy the chance to form new relationships as we grow.

Open Door is committed to being a client-first firm. Our priority is to help navigate the financial world, create strong financial plans, and then work towards implementing them. If we have learned anything from the past 16 months, it is that we need to be flexible, available, and committed. Open Door aims to be all these things and to evolve as clients' needs change.

This is an ambitious undertaking. I am so excited for what it is and what it will become. Whether you are a client, an advocate, a friend, or even just an acquaintance, thank you for joining me on this journey. Please reach out and don't be a stranger - "The door is always open!"

All the best,


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