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Things are Blooming at Open Door!

Spring is here! It is the growing season, and we here at Open Door are excited to share news about our own growth!

Open Door Financial LLC was formed on May 5, 2021, and we received our initial Minnesota registration on August 2 of last year. It is hard to believe how far we have come in less than a year. We have systems integrated with leading custodial and investment platforms. Charles Schwab is an amazing partner and is invested in and committed to seeing advisors thrive. Salesforce, BlackDiamond, Emoney, and Google Workspaces are just a few of the additional back-end systems we have in place to help us run effectively and efficiently. Blackrock, Morningstar, and Vanguard represent some of the investment partners and resources we use to create and deploy client portfolios. It is incredible how these entities have facilitated and supported our growth and success.

Today, Open Door Financial runs like a well oiled machine. While some days this statement feels more accurate than others, we continue to expand our services for existing clients and are well positioned to welcome new ones.

With more clients to serve and assets to manage, Open Door is always thinking about how we can ensure our ability to continue to provide exceptional service. To that end, we have made a decision to hire and expand our team. We think this will look like the addition of 1-2 new employees over the next 6-12 months. The first hire will likely be for a client support and administrative assistant role. This could be a person looking to enter the field and grow with the firm, or a more experienced individual looking for a flexible position.

We do not want to rush into the process, but are already actively seeking well qualified candidates. We will keep you informed on progress. In the meantime, we greatly appreciate introductions to prospective clients, whom you think could benefit from Open Door's financial planning services. Check out our website and follow us on LinkedIn to get all of our latest updates.

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