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What's in a Name?

It is hard to believe that it has been over a year since I launched Open Door Financial and nearly 11 months since we started helping clients with financial planning and investment management related needs. With those anniversaries in mind, it's an appropriate time to share the inspiration for and meaning behind the name of the firm.

Even before thinking about names, there were a number of important requirements that needed to be met: easy to spell, easy to pronounce, nothing personal, and available for a website URL.

The process started by thiking about things that are important to me personally and professionally, and that was where inspiration struck. Multigenerational planning has been a focus and passion of mine since my days as an estate planning attorney. One of the most rewarding aspects of being a financial planner is helping clients to craft a meaningful legacy.

In thinking about other things that are important to me, Judaism came to mind. Our faith teaches us a lot about the importance of both family and legacy. Along this same line of thinking, I realized that the Hebrew word for generations, "Dor" (pronounced door), could be a great component of a name that works on multiple levels.

It didn't take long for a workable name to pop into my head. After quickly ruling out "closed door" and "revolving door," I went online to check the availability of Open Door. Not only was it available, but the more I thought about it the more I fell in love with the meaning and potential it offered. Adding the word "Financial" to the title helped clarify and define what it is we actually do.

The imagery may be obvious, but that does not make it any less important. An open door is emblematic of how we serve clients and operate as a firm, and is also an inspirational concept for planning. We serve clients by opening our doors and welcoming them to our firm and planning process, in the same way that clients' open their doors to entrust us as a partner on their journey.

Once we get down to business, this is where we really strive to help clients open the door to their financial futures. Sometimes a door is already open and we simply provide the confidence for a client to walk through it. Other times a door is closed, but we work to find a way for you to open it when the time is right.

The metaphors could go on, but rather than inundate you with them, we prefer to simply invite you to open the door and reach out for any of your own planning needs or questions. The door is always open, but if you could call or email first, that would be great!


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